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40 Cute Animals Celebrating Their Birthdays

We make such a big deal over our birthdays, so why shouldn't animals and pets? They might have forgotten, but we like to give them an annual reminder of that special day! These are the cutest, funniest pictures of pets and animals celebrating their birthdays while wearing silly birthday hats and eating delicious (at least to them!) birthday cake and other treats!

This photo gallery is full of real animals having very happy birthdays! From exotic animals like penguins, tigers, seals, and monkeys to your regular pets, we have the most adorable pics of cats and dogs celebrating their birthdays in high style! 

There are lots of pictures of cute animals on the Internet, but these photos of adorable creatures were all taken on their special day. Animals celebrating birthdays might seem silly, but if nothing else, it's downright cute.

Upvote the cute pet birthdays that make you "aww" the most and try not to be too jealous that your own pets would never put up with these kinds of shenanigans.