Weird Nature Animals Who Are Very Excited to Eat  

Ashley Reign
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Is there anything better in the world than finally sitting down to the meal you've been waiting for? The answer, at least according to these hungry animals, is no. The adorable animals on this list know a thing or two about that food coma bliss. To get you excited for your next feast, we've gathered a collection of the most adorable GIFs of animals eating. Prepare for cuteness overload and intense food envy.

Here you’ll find everything from dogs doing tricks for treats to sloths chowing down on the best meal ever (until the next one). You’ll see huge smiles spread across the faces of these hungry little dudes as soon as their snacks are in sight. Their appetites know no bounds! 

So the next time you’re hungry but not sure what to eat, watch these furry little guys make common household food items look like the most amazing thing ever. You've probably never been as excited about celery as a sloth, or as stoked about carrots as a hamster. Whether they’re scarfing down plates of their favorite foods or wrestling with new and exotic foods that are twice their size, these little guys are guaranteed to give you a laugh. 

This Amazing Meal May Make This Puppy Fly Away

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This Hungry Little Hamster Is Too Starved to Chew

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This Sea-Dwelling Dude Totally Plays with His Food

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Pigging Out = Nailing It

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