12 Animals Eating with Their Hands

Animals: They're just like us! Here are a bunch of cute animals eating with their hands. Do you want to call them paws? That is OK. Do you want to call them feet? Whatever makes you happy. These animals have dexterity, and they're not afraid to use it. This is a fun and adorable gallery of GIFs of animals eating with their paws / feet / hands. What's cuter than an animal holding food between its little food-holders and munching on it as though it is a person?

An animal that uses its paws like hands can eat any number of foods with them. Maybe you would like to see a mouse eating a little baby corn, or a squirrel going to town on some sort of berry. How about an otter eating a hot dog or something? None of those specific combinations are in this particular gallery, but you can use the visuals here to imagine what they might look like. Vote up the cutest and most educational GIFs.