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Animals Livid with Inanimate Objects

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As anyone who has ever had a bad day knows, the smallest incident can be the straw that breaks the camel's back. The animals you’re about to meet want to assure you that they have tried to maintain their decorum - they really have. These frustrated furballs have taken deep breaths and counted to 10, only to be met with yet another annoyance. Below, you’ll witness the moments when all calming tactics failed, making these animals livid with inanimate objects.

Among these angry animals fighting objects, you’ll find cats and dogs who can’t even handle a variety of items right now. For some of these four-legged firecrackers, it was a toy that taunted them at just the right moment. For others, it was a candle they were horrified to find flaming atop a perfectly good birthday cupcake. Whether the offensive object is a vacuum or a fashion disaster, you’ll see a range of triggers captured on film at the exact moment they made their crucial mistake.

So the next time you feel knocked around by life, join these adorable animals as their wrath unfolds on whatever happens to lie in their path. You’ll see teeth bared and paws fly as the patience of these pets goes out the window.

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