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Terrifying Creatures From Louisiana You Never Want To Encounter

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Of all the creatures living in Louisiana, these are the most fearsome. Animals from Louisiana range from bugs that are smaller than an inch to prehistoric reptiles that grow to over 600 pounds. The creatures living in Louisiana include fearsome black bears and prehistoric-looking turtles, but the most dangerous creatures for humans are snakes, spiders, and insects. Particularly, the insects found in Louisiana can cause great harm to people by spreading disease and swarming and biting their human victims. 

Louisiana is also home to several creatures that seem harmless at first glance but are actually quite troublesome. For example, there is a giant swamp rat that poses a grave danger to the very land that the state sits on. While Louisiana is home to wondrous natural features, there are several creatures that visitors and residents alike should be wary of, so take a moment to get informed about these intimidating animals.