The 47 Most Adorable Animal Attacks on Kids

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Dog might be man's best friend, however, when that man has a baby, the dog isn't always as pleased! This list is full of gifs of animals attacking toddlers, or at least trying to, from head butting to biting. Despite the usual implications of the word "attack," each of these animal-child run-ins happens to be incredibly adorable. These are the cutest GIFs of animals being jerks to kids, compiled from the all encompassing animals being jerks subreddit.

Whether domestic or wild, these animals show no fear as they knock over babies and bounce off the walls! From your average household cat to cheeky dolphins, these are the best GIFs of animals attacking children in the most humiliating and hilarious ways.

Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

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    Dogs Mocking This Poor Baby



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    I Am the One Who Sleds



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    Just a Little Cloooseerrrr


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    No... No. No Sharing.


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    This Is a DOG Bed. Get Out.


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    Just- Just Leave It Over Here


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