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14 Deadly Animals That Prove Australia Is The Scariest Place On Earth

Australia is home to perhaps more deadly animals than any other country in the world. This might be because it has such diverse geography ranging from the harsh Outback to snow-capped mountains. There are deadly Australian animals of all kinds - ranging from poisonous snakes to horrifying jellyfish

Australia is known for its crazy animals thanks to people like Steve Irwin. And while this list includes all the animals in Australia that can kill you, don't worry. Most visitors to the country won't come into contact with these animals. They tend to live in harsh areas or off the more than 22,000 miles of coast. But sometimes the poisonous animals of Australia venture into populated areas, or bite people who wander into their turf. 

Not all the animals in Australia can kill you, but there are certainly enough to make you think twice and look carefully, should you ever venture into a "dunny" (Australian slang for outhouse) or straight into the Outback.