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The Greatest Animals in Commercials

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List RulesLive action animals that appeared in national ad campaigns, no cartoon animals

When we watch TV, we try our best to avoid commercials. Unless, of course, those commercials feature adorable animals doing things that humans do. Animal commercials are almost guaranteed to drum up interest. If you don’t believe us, you should see our receipts from Taco Bell when that Chihuahua was commanding us to eat 7-Layer Burritos. Animals have been appearing in commercials for as long as commercials have been on television. Heck, even Mr. Ed got into the commercial game when he started shilling for Studebaker. And who can blame him? We bet he made a good chunk of change off that car.

This list does not feature any cartoon animals, however, so rule out Chester Cheetah, Tony the Tiger, and even the Geico Gecko. All animals in ads on this list are real live critters or puppets, at least. 

Get your nostalgia goggles on, because we’re about to run down the list of the greatest animals in commercials. While making this list, we realized that Budweiser has been using animal ads for years. Seriously, if you put all of their commercials together, you’d basically have one big zoo (and probably a lot of drunk animals). No matter whether you prefer amphibians, cuddly little puppies, or choosy cats, we’ve got all the best advertising animals on this list.

Vote on your favorite animal that’s been featured in a commercial. Vote up the best, most effective animals in ads. And if we left off your favorite animal advertiser, then remind us about them in the comments and we’ll see what we can do.
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