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Times Wild Animals Invaded Backyard Pools

Updated July 29, 2020 51.1k views8 items

Who doesn't love hanging out by the pool? If you didn't raise your hand then these pictures of animals in pools show that pretty much everyone does, so what gives? Animals who love the pool are trying to beat the heat or even get some laps in to stay in shape. These wild pool animals are just like anyone that loves the pool, they might not be drinking cocktails or firing up the grill, but they are sure having a good time.

Some animals seem like they belong in the pool, like crocodiles and frogs, but these pictures show that animals like giraffes and raccoons also love taking a dip. It seems like anywhere there's a pool, there's going to be a pool party as these wild creatures show.

  • A Pair Of Bears Cooling Off

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  • A Moose Going Splish Splash

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  • An Alligator Doing Some Casual Laps

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  • Fun Times For A Raccoon Trying To Beat The Heat

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