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Cases Of Animal Mistaken Identity That'll Seriously Make Your Day Better

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Although animals have amazing instincts, they have been known to become a bit confused at times. In some cases, their bewilderment leads them to find kinship in animals they don't normally associate with. These cases of mistaken animal identity can occur when an animal befriends or adopts a creature of a different species. Other times, animals think something inanimate is actually living. Occasionally, animals that look alike assume that they belong to the same family. No matter the reason, their confusion usually results in some seriously adorable photo ops.

So, if you're having a rough day and need a healthy dose of giggles, look no further. These funny photos of animal mistaken identity are sure to leave you feeling a little better.

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    Love Knows No Color (Or Species, For That Matter)

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    Great case of mistaken identity?
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    This Dog Is Winning Right Now

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    Great case of mistaken identity?
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    At Least They're All Black And White

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    Great case of mistaken identity?
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    Can You Blame This Baby Deer For Wanting Somewhere Soft And Warm To Cuddle?

    Photo: u/Sh1fty3yedD0g / Reddit
    Great case of mistaken identity?