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14 Utterly Strange Animals That Are The Result Of Selective Breeding

Updated 15 Jun 2020 344.3k views14 items

Science has done a lot of things for humanity, but when you use science for selective breeding, it can create some seriously horrifying examples of genetic engineering. When people talk about "genetically modified" things, most think of genetically modified foods, not animals. But there are animals that exist because of selective breeding, making them unique creations of our own, no matter how bizarre or ugly they may be.

Selective breeding is a process that usually takes time. A simple crossbreed is just two animals mating together to create a new breed, such as two different types of dogs that create a mutt. Artificial selection and selective breeding, on the other hand, are a deliberate attempt to breed animals for particular characteristics, such as a certain color of fur or a particular skin pattern. Sometimes that makes for beautiful hybrids, but in the case of some of these animals, it makes for some rather uncanny creations.

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