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The Most Unforgettable Animals Singing in Commercials

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Lions, tigers, and bears, oh yes! They’re all on this list of our favorite animals singing in commercials. Except for tigers, oddly enough no one’s made a commercial with a tiger singing “Tubthumping,” so get on it advertisers of the world! The adorable singing animals on this list are selling everything from mid sized SUVs, to milk, and even healthcare. There’s really nothing that a cute singing animal can’t sell. If you don’t believe us, enjoy this run down of all the best animals who sing in commercials, and tell us you don’t want to buy what they’re selling.

Not only are there plenty of puppies and kittens singing on this list, but there are also animals that you wouldn’t normally assume would love to belt out a tune. No matter how ferocious the beast or where it is on the food chain, every animal turns into a cutie patootie the moment they start singing. Except for amblypygi; those things give us the heebie jeebies. We’re shuddering as we think about it. Now that we’ve put the image of a spider, scorpion hybrid in your head, why not try to forget about it by checking out this list of our favorite animals singing in commercials?

Vote up your favorite commercial that features a singing animal. And if there’s an advertisement featuring singing critters that we missed, then feel free to add it to the list.
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