20 Animals That Are So Ugly They're Actually Super Adorable

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Behold, some of the ugliest animals you'll ever see! From disgustingly lovable little baby beasts to full-grown blobs with faces, these cute ugly animals will confuse you to a point where you find yourself caught between looking away or crying in delight. Such animals might be the polar opposite of your typical cute and fluffy creation of nature, but somehow they'll manage to make your heart melt like butter on a hot knife at the exact same time. Like cute ugly dogs, unattractive animals worm their ways into people's hearts by simply being themselves, something many humans can't get away with.

Different from gross animals captured in cute photos, the ugly animals in these pictures actually utilize their unappealing natures to become attractive, a paradox a la Quasimodo. In a collection of pictures of ugly animals with a biological make-up only a mother could love, these little fuglies shine through like a trash can with an Instagram filter.

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