31 Squeaky Clean Animals Who Are Just Adorable

Is there anything cuter than animals in tubs? As humans, it's absolutely vital to remain hygienic and keep ourselves clean. But do animals have the same standards? Probably not, since they don't have any sort of concept of hygiene. In fact, a lot of animals in the wild need to stink for certain purposes, like attracting a mate or defending themselves from predators. Of course, if an animal is domesticated, it means it no longer has a need for either, so, we bath our animals to have them looking their best. Some hate bath time, some love it, but it really doesn't matter because they're gonna get a bath whether they like it or not.

Check out this list, full of pictures of baby bunnies, cute cats, fuzzy baby ducks, piglets, and puppies that have had too much time in the mud enjoying (or positively hating) their bath time.