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Vicious Animals That Kill Just for Fun

Updated 27 May 2020 208.9k views14 items

It's often said that man is the only animal who kills for fun, but that's actually not true. Animals that thrill kill are actually pretty common; scientists call it "surplus killing." Animals that kill for no reason range from mammals to reptiles, and even insects in some rare cases.  So, which animals kill for sport, and how do they do it? The subject is just as fascinating as it is horrifying.

Over centuries of study, scientists have found animals use tools like humans, animals use disguises like humans, and now we know that they sometimes kill for fun like humans, too. By fun, we mean they don't do it over territorial disputes, in self-defense, to get food, or to move up in the pack hierarchy. These animals kill for apparently no reason whatsoever. And here's a little spoiler: some of them might be living in your house right now.

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