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13 Animals That Have Adapted To Thrive In Cities

Updated 16 Jul 2020 6.1k views13 items

The number of humans continues to skyrocket across the globe; the human population is projected to grow to 8 billion by 2025. As cities grow to keep up, the other creatures that call this planet home have been forced to adapt, or risk extinction. Luckily, city wildlife seems more than up for the challenge.

Animals that live in the city have made some remarkable adjustments to their newfound environments. Raccoons, for instance, have seamlessly transitioned from eating nuts and insects to scavenging from dumpsters. Rats and pigeons have become synonymous with city living. And then there are peregrine falcons, who thrive amidst towering skyscrapers.

While perhaps not the most adorable creatures, these city dwelling animals have proven that cleverness, resourcefulness, and the ability to adapt reigns supreme in the urban jungle.

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