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41 Animals Who Are Very Excited for Thanksgiving

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A list of adorable animals dressed up and ready to go for Thanksgiving – cute cats and dogs in turkey and pilgrim costumes. If you are feeling stressed this holiday season, this collection of pets stuffed into Thanksgiving costumes and animals who are trying their hardest not eat the Thanksgiving turkey will get you into the holiday spirit. These cute Thanksgiving pets love the holiday just as much as you do, but mostly they are stuck wearing turkey and pilgrim costumes and are barred from enjoying a Thanksgiving meal. 

So while you are contemplating the most delicious Thanksgiving side dishes or the best Thanksgiving desserts, these cute baby animals will be waiting, ready for you to drop some leftover turkey. This year, you can just be thankful that all you have to do is eat and drink and no one forced you to dress up in a silly costume.

If these cute animals dressed up for Thanksgiving don't get you in the holiday spirit, I don't know what will. This collection of pets on Thanksgiving includes puppies trying not to eat the Thanksgiving turkey (and usually not succeeding), cats and dogs in Thanksgiving costumes cute animals in costumes.
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    This Puppy's Wattle is the Best

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    This Kitty Ate Too Much Turkey

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    This Adorable Puppy, Who Thinks No One Is Watching

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