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10 Animals Who Die Immediately (Or Close to) After Sex

Updated 26 May 2020 250.8k views10 items

It sounds crazy, but suicidal reproduction - also known as semelparity - is common in nature. There are a surprising number of animals that immediately die after having sex or not long after the mating season. The males especially are forced to live fast and die really, really young - often only surviving for about a year.

Why is this a thing? Scientists aren't 100 percent sure, but it could have something to do with adaptation and survival. Males that die right after mating aren't sticking around to eat all the food and take up space. Another theory? It's just a freak thing: a "quirk" of nature that locks these poor creatures in a hellish cycle. Regardless of the exact reason, there are some really fascinating facts about animals that die after sex.

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