Weird Nature Animals Who Just Love Getting Down And Dirty  

Lee Emjay
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Everyone knows at least one person who is completely obsessed with "doing it." What you probably don't know is that while humans love bumping uglies, we're not alone. There are animals who like sex way more than humans do - even more than your perverted friend who seems to have nothing else to talk about. Whether they're doing it all of the time or just have an insatiable desire for sexual pleasure, these animals are all about getting down and dirty.

Each of these species has its own quirks when it comes to coitus, and you'll likely discover that we humans might not be the only creative, kinky sexual beings out there after all - some so kinky they die (no, really.) These sexual animal facts will definitely remind you that we're all just a bunch of mammals doin' it like they do on the Discovery Channel.

Bonobos Love Doing It Wherever, Whenever, And With Whoever
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Photo:  Keith Roper/CC 2.0

Bonobos and humans share 98 percent of the same genes, which might explain their sexual appetite. Bonobos are the only apes to engage in many of the same sexual acts as us - such as "missionary position," oral, and tongue-kissing. They're one of the few animal species that engage in physical relations for pleasure and not solely reproduction. And they have a lot of it, for arguably more reasons than we do.

Bonobos get it on to reduce stress, move along in the social hierarchy, show affection, or simply to relieve boredom. They frequently swap partners without much jealousy, and regularly engage in homosexual activity - both male-on-male and female-on-female. Bonobos have enough intercourse that they're considered one of the more peaceful apes, due to the stress they so frequently relieve.

The Brown Antechinus Keeps Doing It Until He Dies
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Photo:  Alan Couch/CC 2.0

The brown antechinus truly lives out the mantra of "don't stop 'til you drop." Considered a rodent, the antechinus lives in Australia. By the time a male reaches maturity, he's stopped making sperm even though he's never even mated with a female - meaning the sperm he's created is all he's ever going to produce.

Since the antechinus has a limited amount of sperm and a limited time frame, that means he spends the mating season - about two to three weeks - violently mating with as many females as possible. As a result, each male antechinus goes at it until he literally falls apart. It's all about the competition to impregnate as many females as possible, and each male will exhaust himself with the activity until his body begins eating itself, his fur falls off, and gangrene starts to eat away at him.

Rabbits Are Doin' It Like Rabbits
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Photo:  PsJeremy/CC 2.0

While the phrase "breeding like rabbits" seems a bit overused, there is some truth to it - over the course of a rabbit's lifetime, he/she will parent an average of 1,000 rabbits. Rabbit mating sessions last only 20 to 40 seconds, which means they can get plenty in over the course of a day. Rabbits also don't have the traditional heat or menstrual cycles, meaning they're ready to go whenever, wherever.

Dolphins Will Use Just About Anything - Even Fish Heads - To Masturbate
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Photo:  Andreas Ahrens/CC 2.0

Like bonobos, dolphins are one of the few non-human animals to have intercourse purely for pleasure. Dolphins are known to engage frequently in both hetero and homosexual activity simply for the love of it, but they take the pursuit of pleasure one step further than the vast majority of humans would, particularly in terms of masturbation.

Researchers have observed dolphins masturbating in some ways we'd consider extreme - by both wrapping live eels around their penises and copulating with dead fish. Dolphins have also exhibited sexual interest in humans - indicating that the need to orgasm knows no intra-species bounds.