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29 Animals Who Love Their Blankets

It's happened to all of us. One minute you're lying there warm in your bed, enjoying the coziness of it all. Then suddenly you find yourself batting mindlessly through the darkness, desperate to connect to the snooze button that’s the only thing that separates cozy-you from the harsh realities of yet another Monday. If you too know this scenario all too well, then rest assured you’re about to find yourself in adorable company, for here is gathered a collection of some of the most adorable animals that love their blankets.

Below you'll see not only dogs, cats, and other pets with blankets but also larger rescue animals who are still shamelessly cuddling their blankies well into adulthood. Think that’s not cool? Tell it to Lambert, the huge lion in a comforter you’ll meet below, because cozy lion does not care. Some of the animals and blankets you’ll see here have been together for years. Others among these adorable creatures are but babies who are discovering the joys of life that can only be experienced from inside a snuggly piece of fleece for the very first time.

Though these creatures unfortunately can’t offer you a free pass to hit the snooze a couple extra times, they'll definitely put a smile on your face when you trudge on into the office or classroom. After all, if you can’t score a few extra minutes with your own blanket, what’s better than living vicariously through these adorably fuzzy creatures who can?