15 Animals Having A Better Hair Day Than You

And you thought you looked good today! No matter how much time you spend in front of the mirror or at the salon, there's just no way you'll ever look as good as these animals with beautiful hair.

Warning: these furry creatures aren't just having a good hair day. They're having the best hair day ever. Which means you're about to feel all sorts of mane envy. From perfectly quaffed afros to feathered tresses that would make Farrah Fawcett jealous, these locks are on point.

Need some hairstyle inspiration before your next cut? Look no further than a camel with a perfect cropped bob or a horse with gorgeous braid. Who cares if your stylist gives you a weird look when you hand over photos of awesome animal fur! By the end of your visit, you're locks will look perfect. (Or at least fit in amongst the flawless 'dos of the animal kingdom.)

It's time to up your hair game. From curly hairstyles to the best bangs for your face, these animals can teach us all a little something about looking good.

Which animals have the most majestic hair? Find out below!

Photo: Traroth / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 3.0