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Wonderful Animals With The Longest Tails In The World

Updated 6 Feb 2019 12.4k views10 items

Perhaps because we humans lost our tails long ago, many people find the tails of other animals to be fascinating. How much joy do you get when your dog's big, animated tail gets to wagging when they see you? That fascination extends to some animals around the world whose tails are unusually long, strong, prehensile, or just plain weird. Throughout the animal kingdom, most animals have a tail of one sort or another, but the animals with the longest tails are some of the most magnificent.

Even if their tail no longer serves a purpose, some animals have evolved to display the biggest extravagant tails the likes of which humans can only look upon with envy. Long tails can be found from the smallest mammal to the largest reptiles, but not all are as long as you might think. For this list, an animal's tail needs to either break records or have a ratio longer than their body-length to the point it is obvious and strange.

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