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List of animals that have the most unusual, unique abilities. Animals have evolved in the smartest and strangest ways. This list ranks the craziest, most bizarre adaptations of all time. The animals on this list take evolutionary traits to a whole new level with intense defense mechanisms to avoid becoming prey. The result is this page's compilation of Mother Nature's freakiest inhabitants, courtesy of their unusual evolutionary qualities.
Many on the list of crazy animal adaptations have outrageous tools to hide from predators. Cuttlefish and leaf bugs, for instance, are absolutely unparalleled when it comes to camouflage and mimicry, while many young white-tailed deer essentially pretend to die in order to dissuade hungry killers. Others go a bit more extreme to piss off their enemies, such as Northern Fulmars, who vomit a disgusting liquid, and Pistol Shrimp, whose claw snaps and ignites a collapsing bubble of epic proportions. Other wacky adaptations found in animals range from the mere existence of an electric eel, as well as hooded seals who inflate a pink balloon from their noses to attract a mate.
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Horned Lizards Autohaemorrhage

Horned Lizards Autohaemorrhage is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Coolest Animals That Have the Most Unusual Abilities
Photo: National Geographic/YouTube

When you're starting to attack one of these Texan lone stars, don't be surprised if it shoots out a stream of blood from its eyes. Even if its in the mouth of a fox, the autohaemorrhage adaptation is so disgusting, the fox will drop the lizard because of the bad taste and trauma.

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Basilisk Lizards Might Be the Second Coming

Basilisk Lizards Might Be the ... is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Coolest Animals That Have the Most Unusual Abilities
Photo: Animalist/YouTube

Basilisk lizards walk on water, which is why they've garnered the lovely nickname "Jesus Lizards." This adaptation comes in handy when fleeing from mammals and reptiles who don't happen to have magical biblical powers.

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Pistol Shrimp Will Shoot You

Pistol Shrimp is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Coolest Animals That Have the Most Unusual Abilities
Photo: via FrogBlog

With an adaptation of this proportion, do not order a pistol shrimp cocktail appetizer anytime soon. When this type of shellfish snaps its extremely unique claw, the sound scares the crap of every living thing in its path, and it also shoots off a collapsing bubble that stuns the victim.

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White-Tailed Deer Fake Their Own Deaths

White-Tailed Deer Fake Their O... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Coolest Animals That Have the Most Unusual Abilities
Photo: Clay Heaton/Wikimedia Commons

When a predator approaches one of these fawns, their heart rate is programmed to drop so low that they enter a state of tonic immobility. The result is a fawn that looks like a dead corpse, which, coupled with its involuntary peeing and pooping that accompanies the heart rate drop, will look pretty unappealing, even to a hungry animal.

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