Why The Animaniacs Are Secretly A Bizarre Metaphor For The Perfect Nuclear Family

Prior to the turn of the century, many kids spent time in front of the television watching some of the best '90s shows. One of those shows was the Animaniacs, which many young fans probably never realized are a nuclear family metaphor. If that just blew your mind like an Acme cannon to the brain, a nuclear family is a traditional family model that includes two parents and any number of kids. Think Leave It To Beaver or The Simpsons. There are no external family members like uncles or grandmothers living in the same home and a set of values is shared. 

The theory about Animaniacs as a metaphor for nuclear families centers around the Warner brothers and sister. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are siblings with similar values (and of course, humor) who live in the Warner Bros. studio water tower and find themselves on crazy adventures which, for the most part, they undertake as a family unit. In many ways, much of the Animaniacs subtext resembles a nuclear family, especially themes about bonding and working together. You may have laughed at the jokes and gags as a kid, but you probably overlooked these weird similarities to a nuclear family.