The Best Animated Kids Shows In 2022

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Vote up the best animated television series for kids and families that aired new episodes during the 2022 calendar year.

This list looks at the best current kid's cartoons airing new episodes in 2022. The best kid's cartoons in 2022 include educational cartoons, superheroes, comedies, animated musical series, and even new seasons and revivals of old favorites. Which are the best new and returning kids animated shows in 2022?

The best animated television series for kids know that cartoons make worlds full of fun and wonder easier to share and shows like the Looney Tunes, SpongeBob SquarePants, or The Animaniacs have been key in defining cartoon silliness for several generations. Nonetheless, even kid's cartoons can convey more than silliness - especially since animated series for kids and families include both preschoolers and young teens. Sci-fi series like Star Trek: Prodigy or the animated fantasy series The Dragon Prince use animation to tell stories in a world and with characters that would be limited in a live-action show, and are captivating enough to draw in kids of all ages. Animated adventure series remain some of the best animated series in 2022, and that of course includes series like Craig of the Creek and Amphibia. Other great animated series airing new episodes in 2022 include action series such as Carmen San Diego, Kid Cosmic, and Sharkdog.

Which kid's animated series are you going to watch with the kids in your life (or in your heart) in 2022? Help others curate their cartoon watchlists by voting up the best new and returning kids and family cartoons TV shows to air in 2022. Then, check out the most anticipated animated series of 2022.

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