Animated Movies We Loved That No One Else Remembers

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Vote up the animated films you love - even if nobody else remembers them.

Even if you're not a Disney fan yourself, you can probably identify most of the Disney princesses by name. They're part of our popular culture. But not every cartoon has that kind of cultural cache. Some animated movies arrive in theaters and then disappear without making much of an impression - save on a select few.

Whether you happened to catch these flicks in theaters, on television, or as a dusty old rental at a friend's house, these animated films never quite left your consciousness. These are the cartoons you swear existed, even if no one else has heard of them. 

As it turns out, a few folks have heard of them, and they've shared their memories online. Read on to learn what they recall of these underrated cartoons, and vote up the ones you still remember fondly.