The 20 Best Anime About Aliens

Whether they're abducting and attacking humans or opening the door to unfathomable new worlds, aliens can spice up any story - including anime! Let's take a look at the extraterrestrial beings that appear in alien anime. 

Anime aliens don't usually have gray faces or giant black eyes - in fact, many of them look a lot like humans. Examples of this include the Saiyans from Dragon Ball Z, who are so similar to humans that they can even have children with them, and To Love-Ru, where the aliens are all cute girls. But humanoid aliens aren't the only variety to appear. There are also aliens like Migi, a parasite who takes over human bodies in Parasyte: The Maxim, and Meow, Dandy's catlike alien companion in Space Dandy.

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  • Parasyte: The Maxim
    Photo: Madhouse

    When Shinichi's right hand is taken over by a parasite he calls Migi, he's thrown headlong into a series of dangerous battles between rival groups of parasites who not only take over human bodies but can also transform them into super strong weapons. Will Shinichi and Migi be able to survive?

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    As a baby, Goku was sent to Earth from the planet Vegeta. Now, he seeks to defend its people from a wide variety of alien enemies who seek to destroy it.

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    One-Punch Man
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    Saitama is a hero capable of defeating anyone with a single punch. This means that he attracts opponents from all over the world - and all over the universe. 

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    After a long period of war, the Earth is taken over by an alien species called the Amanto. As a result, samurai are banned, which puts many of the warriors who once fought the Amanto out of work. To make ends meet, former samurai Gintoki does odd jobs with the help of some of the most ridiculous people you'll ever meet.