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13 Incredibly Strong Anime Attacks That Were Only Used Once

24 Apr 2020 11.0k votes 2.4k voters 138.1k views13 items

Whether it's because the cost of using them is so great, or because the attack is just too epic to be used repeatedly, some anime moves only see the light of day one time. Let's take some time to appreciate some of the greatest anime attacks that were only used once.

One particularly disturbing example is the Tree of Depravity, a tree that Kurama summons from Hell in Yu Yu Hakusho. This tree forces the immortal Elder Toguro to hallucinate that he's fighting Kurama for the rest of eternity while it feeds on his life force. More recently, there's the United States of Smash, All Might's finishing move against All For One in My Hero Academia. 

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