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With all of the anime to come out of Japan over the years, it's just simple statistics that there are some that just go over-the-top with rude, lewd, violent, gory, and sometimes just downright offensive behavior and themes. They can be so intense, in fact, that entire anime series get completely banned from any sort of distribution in certain countries. While it's relatively common to censor anime that makes it way overseas, some of these banned anime were just so utterly offensive, morally twisted, and brutally violent, that the government had to put their foot down. Although, to be fair, some of the bannings are actually total misunderstandings. 

While a few of the bans are innocent or even ludicrous-seeming, some of the anime featured on this list can be truly shocking and even a little terrifying. Only go digging in to these titles of anime banned around the world if you're not afraid of graphic sexual and violent images. Well, unless you live in a country effected by the ban, that is. Then you're on your own. 

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Even though Pokémon got its fair share of censorship when it came over to the United States, the Grand Mufti (High Priest) of Saudi Arabia didn't even give it a chance. Why?

Well, not only did they deem the card game unfit for their country for having "Zionist themes" and "promoting gambling," they also were totally convinced that the word "Pokémon" meant "I am a Jew." Instead of, you know, being the shortened, compound word for "Pocket Monster." This meant that both the Pokémon games and animated series were a part of a global Jewish conspiracy to corrupt the minds of young Islamic children, and thus received a ban.

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New Zealand won't even touch Puni Puni Poemy. From the team behind Excel Saga, an anime series that got their own season finale banned from airing in Japan, comes an even more outrageous anime that's meant to be over-the-top.

Since it involves blatant sexuality (often including minors), excessive violence, and extreme cruelty, the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) in New Zealand gave it the ban hammer.

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According to the Chinese government, the popular anime Attack on Titan contains strong subversive themes about the opposition of authority. Oh, it's also a total blood-filled gorefest. Now, none of this is exactly untrue. There's the strong vigilante nature of the walled-in city's inhabitants, and the excessive bloodshed that comes with fighting the Titans. Thus, China has completely banned the entire series. 

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The Chinese Ministry of Culture banned the series Death Note in Shenyang, Beijing, Shanghai, and other large cities due to it's "severely improper content." The reason? Chinese students were altering their notebooks to resemble that of the titular Death Note and filling them with names (in continuity, writing someone's name in the notebook kills them).

While this is obviously an impractical (and illogical) way to kill someone, the ban was initiated to protect the mental health of students, stating that it "distorts their mind and spirit." Which... honestly, that's pretty fair. 

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