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Which Anime Character Would Be Your Best Friend Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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If you could be friends with an anime character, which one would you choose? While some people might pick whichever character they think is the coolest, others might base their choice on who they'd actually get along with. What kind of person you like to spend time with is based on your personality, and your personality is based on your astrological sign.

Are you a hot-headed Aries who loves lifting weights and yelling manly aphorisms with a like-minded friend? You'd have a great time hanging out with Eijiro Kirishima of My Hero Academia. Prefer hanging out at home eating snacks and video games in glorious Taurus fashion? Then you should get your lazy on with Umaru Doma of Himoto! Umaru-chan. Whatever your zodiac sign, there's an awesome anime character who would make a great companion for you. 

  • Aries (March 21 - April 19): Eijiro Kirishima

    The first sign in the zodiac cycle is defined by its fiery, hot-blooded nature, its commitment to achieving lofty goals, and its heroic and caring attitude toward other people. Ariens expect the same level of energy and ambition from the people around them, and they have no time for people who don't care. Eijiro Kirishima is a hero-in-training who will do just about anything to help out his friends, and he has a cheerful, can-do attitude that gets intense when it's necessary. Whether they're working out together, entering a karaoke contest, or engaging in a spirited debate, most Ariens would have a great time hanging out with Kirishima. 

  • Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Umaru Doma

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    What's the perfect day for a Taurus? One that involves indulging in delicious food and relaxing with a fun activity. This sign needs a partner in crime to indulge with, and Umaru Doma is a perfect choice. Though Umaru can pull herself together to be polite, stylish, and accomplished as necessary, when she's alone or with people she trusts, she loves nothing better than kicking back with a video game and some junk food. 

    The downside to being in Umaru's inner circle? She can be selfish and manipulative when it comes to getting her way. For some signs, this would result in a toxic friendship, but Taurean stubbornness will easily keep this tendency in check.

  • Photo: Sunrise

    Those born under the air sign Gemini are complex, multi-faceted individuals who love an adventure and know how to turn on the charm. They aren't contented with dull people who never want to do anything, or who act the same way under every circumstance. That's why Gintoki Sakata, a former samurai warrior who now does odd jobs that range from finding an alien prince's monstrous pet to helping people with their family issues, would make a great friend for this sign. He's always on some kind of zany adventure, which his Gemini friend could jump in and help with whenever they felt like it - but he's also totally cool acting on his own, which means that when the sign's attention inevitably wanders, they won't have to worry about him getting clingy. 

  • Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Rei Kiriyama

    Photo: Shaft

    Cancers are natural caretakers who excel at forming deep bonds with others. Often the unofficial "mom" of their friend groups, they gravitate toward people who are a little bit emotionally needy. Rei is a professional shogi player who struggles with depression. In March Comes in Like a Lion, his survival is thanks in part to the Kawamoto sisters, who frequently invite him over for dinner and provide companionship and advice. 

    The caveat is that Cancers need someone who is going to appreciate their efforts and not take advantage of them. Rei never fails to thank the Kawamoto sisters for their kindness, and he gladly reciprocates their kindness however he can, whether that means helping clean up after dinner or talking Hina through her problems at school.  Rei might need a little more help than the average person, but he isn't one to endlessly take from others without giving anything back.