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13 Anime That Are Better Than the Manga

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Many anime purists will advise more casual fans to “not say you love the anime if you haven’t read the manga,”  but how justified is this statement? After all, many manga series don't achieve their full potential until they're brought to life with motion and color.

Whether it’s a typical, hot-blooded Shonen Jump action series, or a comfy musical about high school life, some stories need to be seen and heard, not just read. Some anime adaptations are actually capable of improving upon flaws that hampered the source material. While this often amounts to the expansion of popular plot points, in extreme cases, a good anime adaptation will rewrite a controversial scene to make it feel more satisfying. 

While many still consider it a faux pas to like an anime series better than the corresponding manga, it's worth giving props to the shows that take their reference material to new (and often more interesting) places. 

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