Who's Your Anime Boyfriend According To Your Zodiac Sign?  

Anna Lindwasser
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If you're an anime fan who can imagine yourself with a boyfriend, you may have thought about which anime character you'd like to date. Your personal taste, as well as what kind of relationships work out the best for you, is influenced by your zodiac sign. 

Fiery Aries might find themselves drawn to Eren Jaeger of Attack on Titan, who isn't afraid to show a full range of emotions, whether they're anger or love. On the flip side, the deep and dreamy sign Pisces might like Ginko of mushi-shi, because he offers access to a truly magical world, and has a calm personality that suits the sign's moods. Every sign has a great anime boyfriend that suits them. 

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The first sign in the zodiac cycle, Aries, is passionate and intense, and they need a partner who won't just put up with their strong vibe, but will understand it and reciprocate. That's Eren Jaeger, a member of the Survey Corps whose goal is to destroy the man-eating monsters that killed his mother and destroyed his city. He doesn't hesitate to fight for what he believes in, and he'll happily risk his life to protect his loved ones from danger or defend them from insult. 

Two strong personalities might occasionally end up butting heads over disagreements, but the powerful feelings that both Eren and this fire sign bring to the table are enough to overcome any clashes.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20): Yukihira Sōma
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One of the most important things to a Taurus is food. Obviously, the sign is more complex than just their appetite, but if they can date someone who offers consistent access to amazing food, so much the better. Yukihira Sōma is an ambitious chef-in-training who is trying to go through the tournament style cooking competitions at his high school. Despite the extremely difficult nature of this challenge, he's still ready to take it on with a positive attitude - something a Taurean paramour is bound to admire, given the sign's stubborn stick-to-it nature. Oh, and was it mentioned that his food literally induces orgasm? Because it totally does. 

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Hisoka Morow probably isn't a great end-game relationship for anyone, but for the ever-changing Gemini, he'd make for one hell of a fling. Hisoka lacks anything resembling basic human morals - if he wants something from you, he'll be your best friend, but if betraying you proves more beneficial, he'll do that too. A Gemini would be savvy enough to realize when dating Hisoka is no longer beneficial and sever ties in favor of someone else who can give them the thrill they're looking for. 

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Ryuuichi Kashima
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Ryuuichi Kashima is one of the sweetest anime boys ever. After his parents' die tragically in a plane crash, he ends up earning his room and board by working in his school's daycare center. His life isn't easy, but he remains cheerful, and remains dedicated to helping other people - especially his baby brother Kotarou. 

Cancer is a sign that's focused strongly on caring for other people - but they also need to be cared for. That's why Ryuuichi Kashima would make such a great boyfriend for the sign. He'll mitigate the sign's tendencies to do too much for other people at their own expense with his own nurturing ways.

If this sounds far too sappy and codependent, not to worry - he'll hold off the sign's risk of getting too close with the fact that his real number one priority isn't his significant other - it's Kotarou. Of course, there's plenty of love to go around, so there's little risk of feeling neglected.