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24 Anime Boys That You Definitely Thought Were Girls

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Anime has become such a prevalent art form that its style is instantly recognizable, and not just because of tropes like mech-armor or crazy powerful aliens. Japanimation incorporates unique facial features, over-the-top expressions, and distinctive illustration techniques nonexistent in other forms of animation to create its characters. These specific techniques allow illustrators to depict characters, namely men and boys, with more typically feminine features, which leads to another famous anime trope: anime guys who look like girls.

Bending the rules of an anime character's gender is nothing new. In fact, many shows feature anime boys who look like girls. These men sport delicate features that you could easily confuse them for women, and can appear in various shows ranging from the typical slice-of-life anime to the action-adventure stories of shonen anime.

Check out this list of male anime characters who look like girls and see if you can really tell the difference.