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Many anime tell stories of friends bound together through adventure, tragedy, or simply the same class schedules. With all the great potential anime friends out there, one has to wonder about anime characters who could be best friends across different shows. 

A crossover with comrade possibilities opens the door to all sorts of entertaining storylines and arcs you never considered before. Some matchups would result in emotional healing - if Kaori Miyazono and Nagisa Furukawa became friends, Nagisa could help Kaori be more open about her feelings, while Kaori could help Nagisa enjoy life more.

Other buddy crossovers might involve a little more chaos. Hisoka and Zolf J. Kimblee probably shouldn't be friends for the happiness and safety of those around them, but it would be fun to watch

Whether they're helping each other grow emotionally or just wreaking havoc together, it's fun to think about the friendships anime characters from different series might form. 

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There's a strong chance Kakashi Hatake provided the inspiration for Shota Aizawa, especially since My Hero Academia feels like the spiritual successor to Naruto. The perpetually exhausted pro hero and teacher has a lot in common with the equally tired jonin instructor. Aside from desperately needing a nap, both characters act super strict with their students, but are surprisingly caring.

Each of them feels indifferent to professional standards - Aizawa sleeps when he's supposed to be teaching, and Kakashi habitually arrives late for everything. Despite this, both excel at their jobs. 

Despite their subdued demeanors, both spend much of their time hanging out with loud, enthusiastic people. Kakashi has been pals with Gai for years, and Aizawa has known Present Mic since they were teens. A friendship between Kakashi and Aizawa would give them both a much needed low-key friendship.

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Being the self-appointed leader of a large group of unruly teenagers proves to be tough work, especially when you're a teenager with your own problems.

Tenya Iida and Joe Kido both find themselves in this precarious position - Tenya because he considers himself best one for the job, and Joe because he's the oldest in the group and thinks he's obligated to try, even though a better, more natural leader exists in Tai. 

Both boys value order and good behavior and get frustrated when their peers behave in ways they perceive as immature. Joe is more anxious than Tenya, and Tenya is more easily swayed toward anger, but both hold true to the same basic priorities.

Neither one really has anyone in their life who sees the world the way they do, so it would relieve them both to have someone they never need to explain themselves to and who finds value in following the rules.

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Hina Kawamoto From 'March Comes In Like A Lion' And Shoko Nishimiya From 'A Silent Voice'
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Shoko Nishimiya spends a large chunk of her childhood getting bullied for being deaf. Though she makes friends in adolescence, few people stick up for her during her younger years. If she had Hina Kawamoto around, things might have gone a little easier for her.

When her friend gets bullied in school, Hina defends her until her friend moves away, even though she knows that makes her the bully's the next target. Despite being rejected by her classmates, Hina refuses to second-guess her moral code.  

Hina would likely have done the same thing for Shoko. Because both girls are kind, empathetic people with relaxed personalities, they'd almost certainly get along. 

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If you're more inclined to watch benevolent anime stories, you probably never want Hisoka and Zolf J. Kimblee to meet. But if you enjoy chaos as much as these two do, their friendship would make for some compelling TV.

Both of these characters lack any sense of empathy. When they sense a person may be useful to them, they behave civilly, even kindly, only to happily betray them if their goals shift. They love violence and destruction and believe they have a right to do whatever they want, whenever they want.

Together, they'd be a force of nature - while they might betray each other spectacularly, it would certainly be fun while it lasted. 

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