List Of Anime Characters Born On February 27th

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Who knew there were so many anime characters born on February 27th? Here's a list of anime characters whose canon birthday is February 27th, ranked by popularity. If you share a February 27th birthday with these anime characters, vote up the ones you're most happy to share your special day with.

Famous anime characters born on February 27th include Zero Two (Darling in the Franxx), Allelujah Haptism (Mobile Suit Gundam 00), and Kazuma Kuwabara (Yu Yu Hakusho). 

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Photo: Darling in the Franxx / A-1 Pictures
  • Zero Two

    Zero Two

    Darling in the Franxx
    380 votes
  • Go Akaizawa

    Go Akaizawa

    94 votes
  • Yuusuke Tanimura

    Yuusuke Tanimura

    Kuroko's Basketball
    53 votes
  • John Steinbeck

    John Steinbeck

    Bungo Stray Dogs
    58 votes
  • Allelujah Haptism

    Allelujah Haptism

    Mobile Suit Gundam 00
    61 votes
  • Cirucci Sanderwicci

    Cirucci Sanderwicci

    47 votes