List Of Anime Characters Born On July 4th

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Who knew there were so many anime characters born on July 4? Here's a list of anime characters whose canon birthday is July 4th, ranked by popularity. If you share a July 4th birthday with these anime characters, vote up the ones you're most happy to share your special day with

Famous anime characters born on July 4 include Ladros (Black Clover), Ayato Kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul), and Kaori Miyazono (Your Lie in April).

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Photo: Black Clover / Studio Pierrot
  • Kaori Miyazono

    Kaori Miyazono

    Your Lie in April
    194 votes
  • Inko Midoriya

    Inko Midoriya

    My Hero Academia
    205 votes
  • Ayato Kirishima

    Ayato Kirishima

    Tokyo Ghoul
    192 votes
  • Renzo Shima

    Renzo Shima

    Blue Exorcist
    75 votes
  • Akito Hyuuga

    Akito Hyuuga

    Code Geass
    43 votes
  • Baki
    81 votes