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List of Anime Characters Born on March 3rd

12 Feb 2020 856 votes 118 voters 1.9k views34 items

List RulesVote up the March 3rd anime birthdays you'd most want to celebrate.

Who knew there were so many anime characters born on March 3? Here's a list of all anime characters whose canon birthday is March 3rd, ranked by popularity. If you share a March 3 birthday with these anime characters, vote up the ones you're most happy to share your special day with.

On this list, you'll find a diverse array of characters ranging from Hunter x Hunter's money-driven yet aspiring doctor Leorio to Code Geass' hot-headed yet lovable Tamaki. There are also some amazing, kick-butt women that you'll love to share a birthday with, such as One Piece's skilled Marine captain Hina and Kimi ni Todoke's loyal and mature BFF Ayane. 

Vote up your favorite anime characters born on March 3, and downvote any you don't like as much. 


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