List Of Anime Characters Born On May 16th

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Who knew there were so many anime characters born on May 16? Here's a list of anime characters whose canon birthday is May 16th, ranked by popularity. If you share a May 16th birthday with these anime characters, vote up the ones you're most happy to share your special day with.

Famous anime characters born on May 16 include Vanessa Enoteca (Black Clover), Joe Shimamura (Cyborg 009), and Jyunpei Hyuga (Kuroko's Basketball).

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Photo: Black Clover / Studio Pierrot
  • Vanessa Enoteca
    Black Clover
    144 votes
  • Junpei Hyuga
    Kuroko's Basketball
    88 votes
  • Nono Kazuura

    Nono Kazuura

    Warlords of Sigrdrifa
    28 votes
  • Tsubame Narumi

    Tsubame Narumi

    New Game!!
    46 votes
  • Misaki Kamiigusa

    Misaki Kamiigusa

    The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
    28 votes
  • Heiji Kozenigata

    Heiji Kozenigata

    25 votes