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17 Anime Characters Who Have Died Multiple Times

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Just because somebody passed away in an anime doesn't mean that they're gone forever - in fact, there are plenty of series where death is surprisingly impermanent.

As long as a show has fantasy elements, there's a chance that it will include anime characters who have died multiple times. One powerful example is Dragon Ball Z, a show in which just about every character has lost their life at least once, while others have done so three or four times. How is this possible? If someone gathers the titular Dragon Balls, anyone can be wished back to life. There's also Subaru Natsuki of Re:ZERO, who can restart his life from a set point - but only after he's taken a fatal hit.

These characters might be resilient, but their demises still have an impact. Which ones are your favorites?

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    Subaru Natsuki Accumulates Trauma In 'Re:ZERO'

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    While some characters on this list simply kick the bucket, come back to life, and go on about their merry way, Subaru Natsuki actually feels the trauma that comes with repeatedly losing his life. He's able to restart his life from a set point, but this ability only kicks in at the absolute last possible moment - after his demise.

    Each time he revives, he remembers what he experienced, and grows increasingly disturbed because of it. No wonder, because each one of his passings are horrific - he's sliced to bits, decapitated, and more. Poor kid.

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    Elizabeth Liones Has Been Reincarnated 107 Times In 'The Seven Deadly Sins'

    Elizabeth is a reincarnation of a goddess with the same name. She looks extremely similar to the Goddess Elizabeth, and is, in fact, the same person, but she doesn't have immediate access to the goddesses' memories. Since her previous incarnation was Melodias' lover, this makes their current relationship awkward to say the least.

    Prior to becoming her current self, Elizabeth has actually passed away 106 times, and will most likely continue her cycle of reincarnation for eternity. 

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  • In the world of Dragon Ball Z, just about everyone has passed away repeatedly. Seriously, the entire population of Universe 7's Earth has bitten the dust four times. With constant high stakes battles, it's not exactly surprising that life is a fragile thing - and with the existence of Dragon Balls, death isn't exactly permanent. 

    While Krillin is far from the only person to meet this fate, he's the most notorious for it. His first time came at the hands of Tambourine, who crushed his skull. Next, he was blown up by Frieza, then turned into candy and eaten by Majin Buu. In Dragon Ball GT, Android 17 took him out, and in Future Trunks' timeline, he lost his life to Androids 17 and 18. Each time, he was brought back via the Dragon Balls, but that doesn't exactly make it less painful. 

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    Noda Can Still Die In The Afterlife In 'Angel Beats'

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    Everybody in the world of Angel Beats has lost their lives at least once - that's why they're hanging out in what is basically purgatory. But just because they aren't exactly alive doesn't mean they can't die. Most characters do, and the one who does it most often is Noda, one of Yurripe's right-hand men. In fact, he does this so often that his presence in a scene almost guarantees that there's about to be a fight or some other disaster.

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