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16 Anime Characters Who Get Completely Consumed By Vengeance

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A lot of characters in anime are completely consumed by their thirst for vengeance. This overpowering need to seek revenge ends up being the driving force behind everything they do, even if they lead others to think that they have ulterior motives. These anime characters want nothing more than to take their full revenge on those who have wronged them, in the grand tradition of sick and twisted anime characters

Of course, vengeful anime characters often suffer from tragic back-stories that involve a lot of heartbreak. These hardships are all emotionally traumatic to the point where it totally takes over the lives of the victims. These events all pave the path of vengeance for these anime characters who want revenge to stride down in full force.

  • Kurapika From Hunter x Hunter
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    Kurapika may look like a harmless character, but his heart is full of hate. He comes from a family that was brutally massacred when he was young, and he is the only known survivor of the scarlet-eyed Kurta tribe. He seeks his vengeance against the Phantom Troupe, the perpetrators of the heartless slaughter.

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  • Eren Jaeger From Attack On Titan
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    Pledging his life to fight for the human race, Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan takes on the hordes of towering, slow-witted giants that have corralled the last remains of humanity into a tiny, walled-in city. Refusing to let the titans pummel, shred, and eat what's left of intelligent life into a bloody mess, Eren has a relentless thirst for vengeance that makes him incredibly dangerous.

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  • Guts is an anime character that's consumed by revenge. He seeks revenge on his ex-bestfriend, Griffith, who sacrificed everyone he loved to "God Hand." Guts fights his way through a variety of monstrous creatures, gathering clues as to Griffith's whereabouts.

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  • Scar From Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
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    Scar's country was completely destroyed, and he stands as the lone survivor with revenge (understandably) in his sights. Since alchemists slaughtered pretty much everyone he knew and loved in his homeland, he now hunts them as a way to even the score.

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