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15 Anime Characters Who Were Falsely Accused of Something

Being accused of wrongdoing always stings, but it's especially terrible when you're not guilty. Anime characters who were falsely accused might make you feel righteously indignant on their behalf, but they also spark some seriously intriguing storylines. 

Perhaps the most well-known example of this trope is Naofumi Iwatani of The Rising of the Shield Herowho was falsely accused of assaulting Myne, and is given no opportunity to defend himself. As it turns out, this was all part of a plot to get rid of the Shield Hero. There's also Maria Ross of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, who was thought to be responsible for Maes Hughes demise and had to leave the country in order to escape execution. On the lighter side, there's Sorata Kanda, who represents all the male harem protagonists who are constantly being yelled at for getting closer to girls than he actually is. 

Which of these cases are the most unfair? That's up to you vote up all the false accusations that made you mad. 

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    Naofumi Iwatani Was The Victim Of Political Interference 'The Rising Of The Shield Hero'

    When most anime fans think of characters who are falsely accused of terrible things, Naofumi Iwatani is probably the first to come to mind. When he's first summoned to the world of Melromarc, he's immediately under suspicion solely because he was summoned to be the Shield Hero.

    Things get infinitely worse when Myne, the only person willing to team up with him, accuses him of sexual assault. He's done nothing of the kind, but when he tries to clear his name nobody will listen. With his reputation cemented, he's repeatedly blamed for just about everything that goes wrong in Melromarc.

    This all turns out to be part of a conspiracy to get rid of the Shield Hero - basically, Naofumi has to go through hell because of other people's political drama. 

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  • Maria Ross is a 2nd Lieutenant in the Amestrian State Army. She's a dutiful, kind person who would never dream of turning on a comrade, but that doesn't stop her from being accused of taking Maes Hughes's life.

    The evidence is circumstantial - there's a bullet missing from her gun that matches the kind of bullet taken out of Hughes. But in fact, Ross used that bullet to protect Alphonse from Barry the Chopper in an unrecorded incident. When Hughes was taken out, Ross was with her parents, but because family testimony is inadmissible, she has no way to defend herself.

    Knowing that she's innocent but unable to prove it, Roy Mustang decides to help her fake her death and escape to Xing, where she lives under the Yao family's protection.

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  • Saitama never gets the credit he deserves for his protection of Z-City. In fact, the townspeople would much rather blame him for things that are in no way his fault. Saitama once saved the city from being totally annihilated by a meteor when he punched it into little bits. Rather than praising him for saving their lives, though, the city dwellers accuse him of destroying the town. It would have been nice if he could have somehow made the meteor chunks disappear into oblivion, but given that that isn't possible, he did the best he could and deserves to be properly appreciated for it. 

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    When Ganta Igarashi and his classmates visit the Deadman Wonderland prison, their school trip comes to a grisly end when their whole class is slaughtered - except for Ganta. As the only survivor, he's accused of doing the deed, and locked up in the prison. Both the crime and the consequences are among the most severe examples on this list.

    As it turns out, the person responsible is actually not Ganta, but his childhood friend Shiro, whose psyche has been warped by human experimentation and other traumas. 

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