The 14 Weirdest Ways Anime Characters Have Gained Their Powers

Sometimes, the oddest part of about an anime character's powers isn't the power itself - it's how they got the power in the first place.

In My Hero Academia, Izuku Midoriya's quirk One For All is incredibly strong, and well worth the grossness that got him there...but dude had to slurp down a strand of All Might's hair. Yuji Itadori of Jujutsu Kaisen also got his powers by eating something that looks kind of repulsive - a shriveled finger brimming with cursed energy. It's not all about eating weird stuff, though - Souji Mitsuka got noticed for power distribution because of his obsession with a hairstyle. 

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  •  Yuji Itadori Eats A Shriveled Finger In 'Jujutsu Kaisen'
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    While attempting to rescue his friends from a Curse, Yuji Itadori learns that he'll be able to fight (and save both his own and everybody else's lives) if he consumes a Special Grade Cursed Object, he chows down on Sukuna's Finger, the very cursed object that they're trying to neutralize. Once he eats it, he somehow survives the explosion of cursed power and ends up living with Sukuna's spirit in his body. Sukuna is evil, so this is a major problem - but Itadori seems able to suppress him. For now, at least.

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    Izuku Midoriya Eats His Idol's Hair In 'My Hero Academia'

    In order to acquire the incredible quirk One For All, Izuku Midoriya needs to consume All Might's genetic material. He does this by eating a piece of his hair. While that's definitely the least disgusting way they could have made that transfer, it's still pretty weird to get your powers by eating someone's hair!

    After that, the whole thing is a lot more typical - Izuku has to dedicate his life to nonstop training so that he can be strong enough to contain and use his new powers without destroying his body.

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    There's An Awful Lot Of Eyeball Swapping In 'Naruto'

    One of the major ways that characters in Naruto gain certain powers is by stealing the eyeballs of those who possess them. The Sharingan Eyes are most commonly targeted for this - in fact, that's pretty much the whole reason why Danzo had the Uchiha clan eliminated. So he could stick those babies in his withered arm and use their power. 

    But there are other examples, like when Madara pops a Rinnegan into Nagato's eye sockets so that he can develop the power he needs to assist in Madara's very convoluted plan for world domination. Toneri Ōtsutsuki also stole Hanabi Hyuuga's Byakugan in order to have it transform into a Tenseigan. 

    Oh, and as an aside, want to know what you have to do to get an Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan? Get a Mangekyo, and then implant somebody else's Mangekyo into your own eye sockets. What does that accomplish? Making sure that your Mangekyo powers don't eventually rob you of your eyesight and your life. 

    Basically, there's so much eye swapping that you could probably rename Naruto 'The Great Eyeball Exchange' and still stay on theme. 

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    Titan Shifters Are Created In Strange Ways In 'Attack on Titan'

    Titan Shifters Are Created In Strange Ways In 'Attack on Titan'
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    In order to become a Titan shifter, a person must first be injected with Titan serum. This turns them into a mindless titan - strong, yes, but unable to reason. But if that Titan eats another Titan shifter while transformed, they'll become a Titan shifter - that is, someone who can turn into a Titan and back at will, and retain their human intelligence. That's what happens to Eren, although it's a while before he remembers it. His father, a Titan shifter, initiates the process and gets eaten by his newly transformed son. 

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  • Ryuko Matoi Gets Her Powers From A Sailor Suit In 'Kill La Kill'
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    At the beginning of the series, Ryuko Matoi is fighting with half a pair of giant scissors. She first gains supernatural powers by fusing with Senketsu, an anthropomorphic school uniform made from an alien life form called Life Fibers. 

    It turns out that she actually had some latent powers before this, and once she's able to acknowledge them and put them to use, they ramp up her skills significantly. These powers come from the fact she she herself is hybrid of human and Life Fiber, created and then rejected by her mother as an unsuccessful science experiment. 

    Fashion has never been more badass.

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    Shinichi Izumi Has A Parasitic Infection In 'Parasyte'

     Shinichi Izumi Has A Parasitic Infection In 'Parasyte'
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    At the beginning of Parasyte, Shinichi Izumi is an ordinary teenager with no supernatural powers to speak of. When a parasite from another planet tries to infect his brain, he manages to prevent it from getting that far, and it settles in his right hand. The parasite, who he calls Migi, makes some dramatic changes to his body. These include enhanced speed and strength, as well as the ability to generate blades from his flesh. At first, Migi controls everything, but gradually he starts to make more changes and lets Shinichi assume control more often as he gets used to their frequent clashes with other parasites.

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