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15 Times Gravely Injured Anime Characters Somehow Kept Fighting

If you're a regular human being, chances are that getting knifed in the gut or repeatedly shot is going to require some serious medical intervention. Even the most highly trained fighter likely wouldn't be able to keep participating in a battle against a dangerous foe under those circumstances. But anime isn't reality, and in anime, characters routinely fight despite being seriously injured. 

Who are some anime characters who kept fighting with grave injuries? One of the most iconic examples is Zabuza, who kept attacking mercenaries despite having multiple swords in his back and kept going until he'd defeated them all. There's also Whitebeard from One Piece, who couldn't be stopped even when there were holes in his chest that were bigger than some people.

If you want to see tenacity in action, these characters will provide - although not all of them survive the ordeal.