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15 Times Anime Characters Got A Healthy Dose of Karma

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Whether or not people truly get what they deserve in the real world is an open question - but when it comes to anime, there are plenty of characters who earned themselves a karmic slap in the face

Some of these anime characters with bad karma deserve worse fates than can possibly be meted out. Danzo Shimura of Naruto brainwashed a large group of orphans, then forced a 13-year-old boy to destroy his entire clan so that he could harvest their eyeballs. Just being taken out by the Uchiha clan's only remaining descendent doesn't seem like quite enough, but karma can only go so far. There are also characters whose fates aren't quite so dramatic. Sekke Bronzazza of Black Clover lost against Asta almost instantly after bragging about his own prowess - maybe that wouldn't have happened if he'd spent more time sharpening his own skills and less time talking about them?

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  • 1. Shou Tucker Is Executed For His Crimes Against His Family In 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood' 

    Shou Tucker is one of the most widely despised anime characters of all time, and for good reason. In order to maintain his status as a state alchemist, he presents the board with a "talking chimera." This chimera is actually his wife, fused against her will with the family dog. When asked to produce another, similar creature, Tucker does the same thing to his daughter Nina and another dog. Obviously, someone who did something so terrible to his family deserves whatever's coming to him. 

    Once Tucker's terrible actions are discovered, his house is put on lockdown, and he's scheduled for a trial. Before these legal proceedings are fully underway, Scar appears and takes Shou Tucker's life.

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  • Naruto has no shortage of villains, but the vast majority of them have a justifiable reason for their behavior or are at least tough enough to get away with it. The same can't be said for Danzo Shimura, a man who not only kidnapped a bunch of orphans and forced them to become emotionless soldiers, he also forced Itachi Uchiha to massacre his entire family so that Danzo could harvest their magical eyeballs. 

    When Sasuke Uchiha discovers the truth behind his family's demise, he's already taken his brother's life as revenge. There's no way to take that back, but he can get his entirely justified revenge on Danzo. Watching Sasuke demolish Danzo is one of the most supremely satisfying moments of the entire anime, because Danzo gets exactly the ending he deserves.  

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  • 3. Nobuyuki Sugou Gets Demolished In Game And IRL In 'Sword Art Online'

    Nobuyuki Sugou - known in-game as Oberon - is one of the slimiest, most disgusting villains in anime history. If he'd managed to get to the end of the series without getting what he deserved, a lot of viewers would have hollered with rage. What did he do that was so awful? Here's the story. Sugou worked with Asuna's father, and used his position to get engaged to the teenage girl. Asuna couldn't be consulted about this, because her mind was trapped inside a virtual reality game. But Sugou actually knew perfectly well that Asuna had no desire to be with Sugou - he had her locked up in an in-game cage. 

    Karma bites him in the butt when Kirito comes to rescue Asuna. He's able to not only defeat Sugou but cause him real-world physical pain because he's granted admin powers at the last moment. A lot of people don't love the "admin powers" thing, since they can feel like a cheap and easy way for Kirito to score a win - but they could be the universe's way of making sure that Sugou gets what's coming to him.

    It doesn't end there, though - Sugou tries to take out Kirito in the real world, and loses pitifully. He's swiftly arrested. It would have been nice to see Asuna get her own revenge, but this was pretty cool too. 

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  • 4. Overhaul Loses His Quirk In 'My Hero Academia'

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    As if physically and emotionally abusing Eri for his experiments isn't heinous enough, this My Hero Academia villain is also responsible for taking away Mirio's Quirk permanently. So, it's safe to say that Overhaul had it coming. After Overhaul is defeated by Deku in an epic fight, the police transport him to the hospital. But his battle isn't over yet as the League of Villains swoops in to get their revenge. Restrained and fatigued, Overhaul is defenseless against Shigaraki who uses his Decay Quirk on one of his arms before cutting it off. Meanwhile, Mr. Compress takes his other arm, leaving Overhaul Quirkless and without hands.

    Overhaul's horrified expression as Shigaraki leaves with the Quirk-Killer bullets he worked so hard to make accurately sums up his fate. This tragic demise was fitting given the pain he inflicted on both Eri and Mirio. 

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