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13 Characters Who Are The 'Kakashi Hatake' of Their Anime  

Anna Lindwasser
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Kakashi Hatake is one of the more well-known characters in the world of anime - and he's certainly one of the most beloved characters from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Kakashi is the leader of Team Seven - which means that it's his job to teach Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura how to be competent ninja. Though he has a relatively relaxed demeanor, he's actually one of the greatest ninja in the history of his country - and he's also suffered a terrible childhood that haunts him to this day. He's a complex, fascinating character who adds a lot to the world of Naruto - but are there other anime characters like Kakashi Hatake?

Luckily for his fans, there are actually plenty of anime characters similar to Kakashi Hatake. In some cases, the similarities are so dramatic that there's a high chance that Kakashi was the inspiration behind their creation, as is the case with Shouta Aizawa from My Hero Academia. However, some examples are a little more subtle - you might not immediately think of Ozen from Made In Abyss when you think of Kakashi, but the two have more in common than meets the eye. 

If you're a fan of Kakashi, there's a high chance that you'll like these other characters too - so if you see a character who appeals to you, you may want to take a peek at the anime they hail from. 

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Gintoki Sakata is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list 13 Characters Who Are The 'Kakashi Hatake' of Their Anime
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Gintoki is what you get when you make Kakashi ten times more twisted and twenty times more ridiculous, then make him the protagonist. Like Kakashi, Gintoki is a war veteran whose trauma makes it hard for him to to relate to other people. He often does things that other people think are totally inappropraite, weird, or immature - but when facing an actual threat, he'll go into samurai mode and fight to protect the people he cares about - kids who he's kind of adopted, but not really.

The people who Gintoki must protect his kids from are many, but primary ones are former friends who became his enemies thanks to some of the same terrifying warfare that Gintoki himself endured - which is pretty much exactly what Kakashi had to do when fighting Obito in Naruto Shippuden. Finally, and least important, both of them are relatively young, but have silver hair. 

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Koro-sensei is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list 13 Characters Who Are The 'Kakashi Hatake' of Their Anime
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Koro-sensei and Kakashi are both teachers who instruct their students in the fine art of assassination - but the two actually have more in common than just their subject matter. Both of them began life as child soldiers living under truly gruesome conditions. Both developed personalities that hardened their hearts and distanced them from the people around them. But you'd never know any of this from how either character is introduced - both of them have laid back, silly attitudes toward teaching their students. That attitude completely disappears when it's time to get serious and protect the kids in their care.

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Keishin Ukai - Haikyuu!!
Keishin Ukai - Haikyuu!! is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list 13 Characters Who Are The 'Kakashi Hatake' of Their Anime
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Keishin Ukai might not have to prepare his charges for life-threatening battles like Kakashi does, but he approaches his high school volleyball team with the same combination of intense resolve and utter disinterest. He genuinely cares about the students on the Karasuno volleyball team, and will do whatever he can to help them improve their game - but he sure as heck isn't going to act like it. Most of the time, he complains about having to be there at all - just as Kakashi does when he has the responsibility for Team Seven thrust on him.

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Genkai - Yu Yu Hakusho
Genkai - Yu Yu Hakusho is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list 13 Characters Who Are The 'Kakashi Hatake' of Their Anime
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Hatake Kakashi wasn't into the whole teaching thing for its own sake - he wanted to find someone who could learn the specific techniques he'd honed over time. That's part of why he rejects so many students before arriving at Sasuke Uchiha, who not only possessed a sharingan and could be taught how to use it more effectively, but who could also use lightning chakra, Kakashi's specialty.

By virtue of age, Genkai is significantly more experienced in her craft than Kakashi is in his - but both of them are motivated to pass along what they know to a worthy student. To determine worthiness, both of them use tests with hidden intentions - Kakashi claims to be testing his students' ability to take bells from his hands, but what he's really focusing on is their teamwork. Meanwhile, Genkai eliminates half of the people competing to learn from her by "lottery" - really, she's using paper that detects spiritual power. Though both of them are great teachers to those they deem worthy, they have no interest in anyone who can't measure up. 

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