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14 Characters Who Are The 'Kakashi Hatake' of Their Anime

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Kakashi Hatake is one of the more well-known characters in the world of anime - and he's certainly one of the most beloved characters from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Kakashi is the leader of Team Seven - which means that it's his job to teach Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura how to be competent ninja. Though he has a relatively relaxed demeanor, he's actually one of the greatest ninja in the history of his country - and he's also suffered a terrible childhood that haunts him to this day. He's a complex, fascinating character who adds a lot to the world of Naruto - but are there other anime characters like Kakashi Hatake?

Luckily for his fans, there are actually plenty of anime characters similar to Kakashi Hatake. In some cases, the similarities are so dramatic that there's a high chance that Kakashi was the inspiration behind their creation, as is the case with Shouta Aizawa from My Hero Academia. However, some examples are a little more subtle - you might not immediately think of Ozen from Made In Abyss when you think of Kakashi, but the two have more in common than meets the eye. 

If you're a fan of Kakashi, there's a high chance that you'll like these other characters too - so if you see a character who appeals to you, you may want to take a peek at the anime they hail from. 

  • Aizawa and Kakashi are so similar that there's a high chance that Horikoshi intentionally modelled Class 1-A's homeroom teacher after the leader of Team 7. Both of them have an "unprofessional" demeanor - they're both perpetually grumpy, they do things that aren't appropriate to do in front of students like sleeping in class (Aizawa) or reading adult literature (Kakashi), and they expel kids that they don't want to deal with instead of trying to teach them. But beneath their casually gruff demeanors, both men care deeply for their students and are willing to sacrifice their lives for them if necessary.

    The reason they aren't totally professional all the time has less to do with not caring about their job and more to do with being exhausted from working too hard - and the reason for the constant expulsions involves not wanting to put children in dangerous situations that they know all too well.

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  • Kisuke Urahara is a high-ranking, competent member of Soul Society with a complicated past that you wouldn't guess from his laid-back attitude and irreverent approach to mentoring Ichigo. Urahara also has his warped side - he and Kakashi could probably bond over the Icha Icha books no problem. But just like the Konoha jounin, Urahara is perfectly capable of getting serious when there's real danger afoot. 

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  • Photo: MAPPA

    Not only is Gojo a teacher who leads a team of three young students at Jujutsu High, he's also an extremely powerful and competent sorcerer. Much like Kakashi, he has a nonchalant personality and a reputation for being a skilled fighter. However, Gojo is definitely more playful and optimistic than Kakashi. 

    Personality aside, Gojo's appearance reminds many fans of the Copy Cat Ninja. He has spiky, silver hair and appears to be quite tall and athletic. The biggest similarity is Gojo's blindfold. Instead of wearing a mask over his mouth, he wears one over his eyes. 

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  • Photo: Wit Studio

    For those who focus on Kakashi's more laid back characteristics, Levi Ackerman might seem like an odd choice. But Kakashi's chill vibes are only a small part of his character - and the rest of it has a lot in common with Levi. Like Kakashi, Levi is at the top of his field - he's been fighting Titans since his teenage years, and his track record is beyond reproach. He's put in charge of trainee cadets, not because of any innate teaching ability, but because he's the best at what he does. Some of his methods are unorthodox, and he isn't always nice - but when a crisis hits he can be relied on to step in and save the day. Though he may not act like it, he genuinely cares for his cadets - just as Kakashi does for his in-training ninja.

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