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13 Characters Who Are The 'Shouto Todoroki' of Their Anime

Shouto Todoroki is one of the most popular characters in My Hero Academia, and also one of the most powerful. With his good looks, his ice-and-fire power combo, and his talent at winning fights, he seems to have everything going for him - except for a turbulent family life involving a father who literally bred him to surpass his rival All Might, and who used abuse to reinforce his point. Are there other characters like Shouto Todoroki in anime? You bet there are!

Many of the characters who are similar to Shouto Todoroki were raised in families who expected them to be fierce, emotionless warriors who would carry out destinies that were decided for them before they were even born. Sanji Vinsmoke from One Piece and Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter are great examples of this trope. There are also characters like Yuki Sohma from Fruits Basket and Kousei Arima from Your Lie in April who aren't expected to be violent but still must define themselves by defying their families. A few characters, like Mo Fan from Quanzhi Fashi, have similar dual-natured powers. 

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    Zuko isn't technically an anime character - Avatar is an American TV show that's anime-inspired - but Todoroki is so obviously reminiscent of the Fire Prince that some fans call him ice Zuko. Zuko's father is the Fire Lord Ozai, and he raises his children with high expectations of their skills in everything, from leadership to fire-bending skills. A small mistake results in Zuko's face being burned, and his being banished from his home. Though he wants to regain his father's approval, he eventually changes his mind and teams up with Aang and friends to defeat him.

    From the family background to the firepowers and burned face, it wouldn't be at all surprising if Todoroki was directly inspired by Zuko. If the fan theory that Dabi is the oldest Todoroki brother is true, then Shoto may even have to battle a sibling - just as Zuko had to take on his sister Azula. 

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  • Like Todoroki, Sanji Vinsmoke was born into a family whose harsh expectations he rejected. The Vinsmoke is a clan of vicious mercenaries who rule over the Germa kingdom. Sanji was expected to be a typical Vinsmoke - violent, ruthless, and devoid of emotion. In fact, his father forced his mother to undergo risky experimental surgery to ensure Sanji and his four brothers would turn out this way. While three of his brothers were damaged by the surgery, their mother managed to save Sanji by taking a medication that negated its impact. 

    Sanji's refusal to live up to his father's expectations and continue the family's brutal regime, and insistence on building his own life apart, bears a striking resemblance to Todoroki's rejection of his father and insistance on finding his own path to being a hero. 

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    Killua was born to a family of mercenaries who raise its children to be manipulative, emotionless fighters who regularly test each other's fighting prowess in painful ways. He's expected to carry out the Zoldyck family's extreme expectations for his behavior. Through his friendship with Gon, and his desire to protect his younger sister Allura from his family's abuse, he learns that there's more to life than the Zoldyck way. Todoroki doesn't need friendship to know that Endeavor's expectations are unfair, but friendship does help him come to terms with them and create a more stable sense of self.

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    Nagisa Shiota - Assassination Classroom

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    Nagisa Shiota's mother wants two things for him - for him to be a star student, and for him to have been born a girl. Nagisa is a mediocre student who has found his niche in assassination - a skill that he's been honing in an attempt to take out a tentacle monster who claims he'll destroy the Earth unless a group of middle schoolers stops him first. Nothing about Nagisa - from his actual interests and skill-set to his gender identity - is enough to satisfy his mother, and she's more than happy to threaten him, drug him, and even try to force him to burn down his school in order to get the outcome she wants from her son.

    Todoroki's father cares a whole lot more about his sons' physical prowess than his grades, and doesn't have any feelings one way or another about his gender - but Todoroki is still forced to act as his father desires, and must find an identity for himself outside of what his dad wants. Parent issues aside, both of them are some of the most talented fighters in their respective schools.

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