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14 Times Anime Characters Were Permanently Wounded By Battle

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Often when anime characters sustain injuries, they get cleared up almost supernaturally fast. While it's understandable that the creators don't want their heroes sidelined, it can be hard to get invested in characters who don't have to experience realistic consequences for what happens to their bodies in battle. 

However, not every anime takes the easy way out. In some series, there are anime characters permanently injured by battle, who will forever carry scars that remind viewers of what they endured. Even shows like My Hero Academia, which explicitly feature magical healing, still don't let their characters off easy. If it weren't for Deku realizing that he has legs, his arms would be useless by now. In another popular series, Attack on Titan, there's Erwin Smith, who loses his arm when the titular beast bites it off. 

It's hard to watch beloved characters suffer, but watching them continue on in spite of what they endured makes them feel more real. 

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    Izuku Midoriya's Arms Are Ruined In 'My Hero Academia'

    The most noteworthy injury in the world of My Hero Academia belongs to Izuku's mentor All Might, but because we never actually see him experience the battle that cost him his muscle form, the honor goes to Mr. Armwrecker himself. 

    Because Izuku concentrates and discharges so much energy in his arms by using One For All, he ends up repeatedly smashing his bones to bits. While Recovery Girl is able to heal him enough that he doesn't lose the use of his arms completely, he starts to accumulate some pretty heavy scarring. He starts using his legs more often to avoid totally losing function in his arms. 

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  • Not only does Kenshin Himura have his signature X-shaped scar, he also has some less visible chronic injuries to show for his years on the battlefield. One half of his scar was sustained during a mercinary scuffle, while the other half was thanks to his lover.

    Put together, all of his experiences with using a sword style that didn't suit him physically led to a wide range of health issues that led a doctor to order him not to fight anymore. As much as the pacifist would have loved to lead a life of peace and rest, he feels obligated to protect his loved ones even at the cost of his own health. 

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  • Guts' Body Is A Map Of Scars In 'Berserk'
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    Guts has been horribly injured so many times that he should get a free t-shirt the next time it happens. From a childhood spent weilding swords that were much too heavy for him to an adulthood that involved surviving the eclipse at the expense of most of his friends, his trust in Griffith, his immortal soul, and an eyeball and an arm, this guy has lost more than more people ever will in their lives. It doesn't take more than a quick glance at his body to see that he's suffered, but his scars only tell half the story. 

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    Shinichi Izumi's Mother Lances Him In The Chest In 'Parasyte'

    Shinichi Izumi's Mother Lances Him In The Chest In 'Parasyte'
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    While Migi is able to fix up most of Shinichi Izumi's battle injuries, that doesn't mean that they don't leave scars. The biggest one is straight into his chest and out through his back. It happens when his mother Nobuko, whose brain has been taken over by a parasite, lances him right in the heart. His own parasite fixes the internal damage, but externally it's clear he's taken a serious hit. 

    Shinichi isn't able to react quickly enough to stop her due to the shock of seeing his mother so horribly transformed, and it's not until their next battle that he's able to destroy her. 

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