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14 Times Anime Characters Were Permanently Wounded By Battle

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Often when anime characters sustain injuries, they get cleared up almost supernaturally fast. While it's understandable that the creators don't want their heroes sidelined, it can be hard to get invested in characters who don't have to experience realistic consequences for what happens to their bodies in battle. 

However, not every anime takes the easy way out. In some series, there are anime characters permanently injured by battle, who will forever carry scars that remind viewers of what they endured. Even shows like My Hero Academia, which explicitly feature magical healing, still don't let their characters off easy. If it weren't for Deku realizing that he has legs, his arms would be useless by now. In another popular series, Attack on Titan, there's Erwin Smith, who loses his arm when the titular beast bites it off. 

It's hard to watch beloved characters suffer, but watching them continue on in spite of what they endured makes them feel more real. 

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    After losing his arm to a Titan's gaping maw, Erwin doesn't really sweat it. Sure, he's in agonizing pain, but he isn't going to give into that when he has a rescue team to lead. Keeping Eren and his world-saving powers out of the hands of the enemy is of utmost importance, after all.

    Even after the mission proves successful, Levi has to harass him into resting and recovering. Erwin wants to be on the front lines so that he'll be the first to learn the secrets hidden in Eren's basement, and he's not going to let a little limb amputation stop him. 

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  • Naruto and Sasuke's epic final showdown not only releases some major tension between the would-be hokage and his prodigal bro, it also ends with major injuries on both of their parts. When they blast each other with the most powerful versions of Chidori and Rasengan that they can muster, they end up destroying their own arms in the process. While Naruto gets himself a realistic prosthetic and never really brings it up again, Sasuke prefers to have his amputee status be common knowledge. 

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  • Luffy isn't the only character from the One Piece universe whose body tells a story, but let's hand this one to him. Not only is he the protagonist, he also got his massive chest scar in one of the most awesome ways possible. In a battle against Akainu just after Ace's demise, Luffy's chest is torn apart by a magma-coated fist. The fist doesn't just wreck him, it also wrecks Jinbe who is trying to carry Luffy to safety.

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  • As you might have surmised from his descriptive moniker, Scar has a gigantic X-shaped scar on his face. He incurred this injury among a whole host of others during the Ishvalan War - specifically, when Zolf J. Kimblee decided to slaughter Ishvalans en masse using the philosopher's stone. The scar serves as a constant reminder of the genocide he survived.

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