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15 Times Anime Characters Completely Toyed With Their Opponent

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Some anime characters take their fights seriously - others are just messing around. Anime characters who toyed with their opponent can have a wide range of reasons for doing so. Some, like Frieza from DBZ, are so convinced of their own power that actually pursuing a serious fight feels like a waste of time. Others, like Mirio Togata from My Hero Academia, are wasting weaker opponents in an attempt to educate them - while also totally showing off. 

Which of these moments stuck with you the most? 

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    Netero Challenges Gon & Killua In 'Hunter x Hunter'

    Netero Challenges Gon & Killua In 'Hunter x Hunter'
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    While in transit from one part of the Hunter exam to another, Netero challenges Gon and Killua to steal a ball from him. If they succeed, Netero promises that they'll automatically pass the exam. With his extreme speed, he knows there's no way they're going to make it happen, and is using the game as an excuse to have some fun. 

    Killua gets so frustrated with this that he storms out and then annihilates a random passerby. Meanwhile, Gon realizes it's impossible but wants to keep trying anyway with the new goal of making Netero use his other hand to stop him. 

    Blatant showboating?
  • If Madara Uchiha has anything, it's confidence and incredible strength. That's why he's able to dispatch just about everybody in the Shinobi Alliance - including the five kage - without breaking a sweat. He knows they're no match for him and he's not worried about losing, nor is he going to bother giving them a fair chance. 

    His tune changes a little bit when he fights Gai, a ninja who is actually capable of providing a challenge. Then, he fights with full effort and excitement.

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  • While dueling Zoro, Juracule Mihawk doesn't see the need to use anything larger than a dagger - that's all he bothered to bring with him in the first place. Zoro, who is using multiple swords simultaneously, finds this to be pretty offensive. The idea that he could be easily defeated by a tiny little dagger is infuriating to him. 

    After Mihawk lances him in the chest with the dagger, he's impressed that Zoro hasn't given up yet. Out of respect for his spirit, he takes out his larger, more powerful sword, the Black Blade.

    Blatant showboating?
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    Mirio Togata Takes On A Whole Class In 'My Hero Academia'

    When Mirio Togata is invited to talk to Class 1-A, he decides to make sure they know exactly how much stronger he is than every single one of them. He challenges the whole class - minus Todoroki who is elsewhere at the moment - to a battle. Because they can't figure out how his quirk, Permeate, works, none of them are able to touch him. Meanwhile, Mirio barely breaks a sweat.

    This playful approach was totally a flex, it was also educational. After the battle, he explained both how his quirk worked, and how challenging it had been to master. He does this both to encourage them to work just as hard on their own development, and to prepare them for strong opponents. 

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